When Pohl is not creating her own music she’s performing her favorite covers with a dance cover band called Clockwork. Clockwork performs almost every weekend at various venues such as restaurants, American Legions, concert venues, and soon fairs & festivals! “It's so special getting to work on my creativity during the week and my performance skills on the weekend. Best of both worlds!”

Cheyenne Pohl is a 22 year old independent artist from Pennsylvania creating original songs that are authentic, honest, and a mix of all of her wildly different/favorite influences, which include...The Beatles, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande, AJR, Oldies music, Motown, Classic Rock, and 60's & 70's music. Pohl’s absolute favorite thing to do when creating music is to take things that shouldn't make sense together & turn them into these cool/unique sounds that compliment each other.


Over You

Friend Crush

I Hate ILY's

navigates the feelings and emotions a person has when they start to have a crush on a you see yourself dating them or is it just a friend crush?

the self expression of literally hating "I love you's" or the thought of loving someone again.

It tells the story of moving on, rebirth, and fully finding and valuing yourself after coming out of a toxic, horrible, unhealthy relationship.

talk shit

through my veins

“yeah, I talk some shit about you, but sometimes, I still miss you, maybe wanna still kiss you boy" except they left you for their ex-girlfriend....

describes the feeling of being in an anxiety ridden, confusing time in your life and trying to figure out if it’s life or the person you’re dating. Do you stay with them and keep trying? Do you really love them? What will your parents say?



Clockwork-Band is well-known for providing the

most variety of everyone's favorite top 40 music

Performed at:

  • Amphitheaters

  • porsche dealership

  • american legions

  • restaurants

  • vfw’s

  • festivals

  • fairs

  • elks clubs
  • opening act for firefall

for a fundraiser

  • weddings

  • Stadiums

performing “over you”